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Design is our foundation. From this foundation we’re building a global practice of like-minded professionals who are passionate about design—well executed, timeless, powerful design that improves peoples’ lives.  

The workplace today is a valued asset that with the right strategic foundation can bolster staff productivity and collaboration, encourage and support a variety of work modes, enhance wellness, and much more.

For ZeRae Design, the first step is to gain an in-depth understanding of the organization’s culture, its business drivers, what it does, and how its people work together. It is a deliberate approach that maps out the direction of a given initiative.


Establishes a comprehensive framework that forms the vision, principles, and approach to the workplace experience in order to optimize business performance, foster employee encouragement, and celebrate the brand.


Turn real estate into opportunities for growth, resilience, and long-term advantage.



A strategy that defines how much and what type of space is needed, how the space is allocated across the footprint, and what it will take to implement the plan (time and dollars). The scale can range from a single building, multiple buildings in a campus setting, or multiple facilities in a defined geographic location.


Establishes a consistent workplace framework across an organization’s enterprise to enhance the employee and visitor experience while also streamlining the efforts to maintain existing and create new workplaces.


Summarize qualitative and quantitative workplace requirements as a basis for planning.


Facilitates the transition to a new workplace including strategy, processes, and resources to communicate the change and enable adoption.


Balance future space supply with forecasted demand to reduce risk, cost, and maximize flexibility.


Customized resource development to improve the workplace experience and facilitate ongoing management of the workplace strategy.

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